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Walking on eggshells, with you  was selected by Artists' Association of Finland. The work was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation 2022-2023.

Haliz Yosef was selected as one of the Young Artists of 2023. The work was exhibited at Kunsthalle of Helsinki as well at 198 Cal Gallery, London in 2023.


images: Patrik Rastenberg 2023

I reflect on the communication between my mother and me,

which has been blocked for years due to her psychotic illness. 

What happens when the message in the voice doesn't stick

with the receiver and evaporates into thin air?

The work is inspired by a desire to connect, a fantasy dialogue.

The physical essence of sound takes place through sound exciters.

The devices transform any solid object into a loudspeaker by vibrating it.

The vibration of memories resembles a bodily vibration.

Sound takes on a physical form. Memory becomes an object.

Assistant: Lina Herrmans

Sound technician: Frank Rizzo

4-channel sound installation, 14'00 loop

sound exciters, ceramic, sand, wood

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